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What is it that makes us different?

It is what we’ve been through.

It is what we’ve survived.

It is our scar.


And people told me that life is unfair…



the other side of me: self-realization

have you ever lost but ending up finding who you are?

that’s completely where i’m at right now.

no need to search who i am, i’ve found myself.

no need to find someone to complete me, i complete myself.

it’s about loving yourself, after so long a time rejecting it.

it’s not that i like the process of getting to it, but i like the fact that i’ve finally found it.. that i finally get here.

why, how, when, where or what simply matters no more.. no, not anymore.

sometimes you need to lose in order to get.

sometimes you need to be lost in order to be found.

and sometimes life makes no sense.

but it’s all about the journey anyway.. that will determine the destination.

so, just enjoy the process and carry on..


β€œsomeday everything will make perfect sense. so, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.”

Re-evaluating for the whole year… (2013 to 2014)

My old tweet.. And yes, i do look back and smile and laugh at myself.. πŸ™‚

Many things I have learned through out the whole year. Geez, time passes so fast.

The Clarity

The light in the corner of the eyes.
Washed away from tears.
Healed by the blinding sorrows.

Walls were breaking from the other side.
The sound of cages been unlocking.
The prisoner then laid down to rest.
The birds stayed.

We’ve seen the darkness, we’ve seen the sun.
We need not anything, we need ’em no more.
The freedom’s found within.
The freedom’s found within.



When I find you,
Everything was made bright and new.
I’ve never thought of a day in the sun.
Yeah, for surely I’ve never thought of one.
Arrived, no longer I run.
Was too long thrived, now finally fine.
Gain the things which never crosses mind.
Pain exist none, love as the finest wine.
For the blessings I’m still counting.
For the joy I’m gonna sharing.
For the thanksgiving I’ll keep bringing.
You’ve given me a new meaning.
Now life’s so worth living.
Such mercy,
You’ve given me.
From ashes to beauty,
You’ve turned it all around so completely.
In such troubled times,
You taught me to be tough.
Read all the signs,
It’s over now and I can’t thank you enough.
Oh, I’m grateful for your love.
It truly feels too much, it truly is.
And for all the best I can finally be.
For I was blind, now I can see.
Was in captivity, now I’m set free.
In all my life, it’s all nothing but Your Grace.
If I look back, all I see is Your lovely trace.
There are millions of Your such lovely beings.
Puzzled still, of why You even bother to see me?
Once was a loser, now thru You I can win.
Once was a sinner, but now I’m forgiven.
Let all can see Your Name’s written,
In all my story.
So, these are songs of my soul, hope You will listen,
Along with this simple poetry.
It’s all of me, it’s all of You.
And again thank You.
This is from me, this is to You.

(Written By Yoan 22:43, April 4th 2013)

All is Vain

β€œIn my life, I’m no longer a child and I yearn… For the truth that you know. Of the years… years ago!” (Song: In My Life – LES MISERABLES)

The arrows can’t be missed.

Right on the spot of the sorrows’ tip.

All the broken clocks,

Suddenly awaken.

And it’s ticking.

β€œYou will learn Truth is given by God. To us all. In our time… In our turn.” (Song: In My Life – LES MISERABLES)


The story of a female.

Go tell that tale!

Where all the ribbons cut well.

When all the broken dreams are left on sale.


Who am I kidding? No one buys it anyway.

No one would care to even stare.


I give up.

No more reason to fight.

Let them cheer up.

And I’ve just recieved my sight.


β€œMy soul belongs to God, I know I made that bargain long ago. He gave me hope, when hope was gone. He gave me strength to journey on.” (Song: Who Am I? – LES MISERABLES)


The loosening of the silver chain.

And It is true all along.

Without Him… All is vain.

(Source: http://www.poetry.com/poets/290785-Yoan%20Maukar/744885-All-Is-Vain/)