Re-evaluating for the whole year… (2013 to 2014)

My old tweet.. And yes, i do look back and smile and laugh at myself.. 🙂

Many things I have learned through out the whole year. Geez, time passes so fast.


Travel Enthusiast (愛旅行的人) – Angela Zhang (張韶涵) [Lyric]

Travel Enthusiast (愛旅行的人)Angela Zhang (張韶涵) [Lyric]

有時候悶得寧願我 能完全隱形
Sometimes frustration gets to me, I wish I could be invisible
溝通並不代表 就能去澄清
Communication doesn’t always lead to clarification
遼闊的世界人和人 都有各自的邏輯
Everything and everyone has their own logic in this wide world
不想說服什麼人 更不想改變我自己
Don’t want to convince anyone, no intention of changing myself either
有緣份就談心 沒默契就別矯情
If we click we’ll get along, If not, don’t pretend
若個性決定命運 用微笑回應
If personality defines fate, respond with a smile
走過的每個風景 留下一些回憶
Every scenery remains some memory
有的晴朗了心情 也有的是嘆息
Some lighten up the hearts, some are depressing

熱愛旅行的人 總有某種純真
Those who love to travel tend to possess purity
不怕雨雪風塵 有忘了痛苦的天份
Unaffected by rain and storm, gifted with the ability to forget pain
黑夜等我的燈 就像燦爛星辰
Darkness awaits my light, like the shiny stars
讓勇氣溫暖到沸騰 不再是孤獨靈魂
Warm up courage untill it’s boiled, no longer a wandering soul

沿路蒐集來的紀念品 擁有特殊的魔力
Souvenirs that are picked up along the journey hold special magic
放在手心看著 情緒最終會平靜
Hold one in the palm and gaze at it, the heart will eventually be calm
忍不住要佩服自己 有過這許多經歷
Can’t help admiring myself for possessing so many experiences
還相信有一個天堂 許的願望會降臨
I still believe there’s a heaven that grants my wish

從飄雪的山林 來到熱帶的雨林
From the snowing forrest to the rain forest
我看過美麗夕陽 還是愛黎明
I’ve seen beautiful sunsets but still love the sunrise
Waiting in the darkness for the sun to rise gloriously
對今天感到好奇 用全新的情緒
Face today with curiousity using a brand new feeling

熱愛旅行的人 內心總有回聲
Those who love to travel have a voice from their hearts
喊著為夢奔走 能夠讓生命變豐盛
That screams, chasing dreams will make lives richer
最酸澀的淚痕 最甜蜜的笑聲
The most bitter tears and the sweetest laughter
編輯成最美的繪本 去永恆精彩過程
Create the most fascinating picture books that eternalize the journey
就算開窗會飄點雨 我寧願雨淋
Even if rain falls in with the window open, I’d rather get wet
不想緊閉自己 沒空氣呼吸
Don’t want to enclose myself, with no air to breath

My Tears (我的眼淚) – Angela Zhang (張韶涵) [Lyric]

My Tears (我的眼淚)Angela Zhang (張韶涵) [Lyric]

看著心 在粉碎 卻忘了我 該拒絕
Watching my heart being shattered, I forgot I could have refused
這個世界 總是有 我跨越不了的界限
The world is full of boundaries I cannot escape

Embrace my regrets
Appreciate the misunderstandings that got me destroyed
讓我掙扎蛻變 磨練出燦爛堅決
and transformed my struggles into glory and strength

這是我的眼淚 我知道我不完美 Oh~
These are my tears, I know I’m not perfect
每段故事的結尾 總是陪伴我入睡 讓我記得我是誰 Oh~ Oh~
Each ending of a story accompanied me to sleep so I remember who I am
在靈魂 紋上火焰 把謊言 燃燒成灰
Engrave a flame on the soul, burn the lies into ashes
穿越過了 絕望頹廢 擁抱傷痕留給我的體會
I passed through despair and embraced the bruises that made me realize
and made me strong
這是我的眼淚 我知道我不完美 Oh~
These are my tears, I know I’m not perfect
每段故事的結尾 總是陪伴我入睡 讓我記得我是誰 Oh~ Oh~
Each ending of a story accompanied me to sleep so I remember who I am

I’m not afraid of the price that I have to pay for being genuine
At least I stay true to myself
Woo Oh ~
Awaken my tears

這是我的眼淚 我知道我不完美 Oh~
These are my tears, I know I’m not perfect
越是苦澀的焠鍊 越是來自心裡面 就越是滾燙熱烈
The hardest challenge is from deeper within
and it will burn most passionately

sudah (sudahlah)

ada kalanya aku mengais mimpi pada seluas dunia langit (yang bukan sebelum) namun itu, yang setelah, yang kutahu dan berharga kurasan tangis dan seusap sapuan dada.

menatap bentangan hari esok tak tampak cahaya maupun sekilas cerah, perteduhan suram tanpa jaminan setitik kebahagiaan.

sendiri menapaki langkah seperti yang sudah-sudah.

sudah? ya benar sudah.
kali ini sudah.

sudah tak ada lagi sebuah perlunya harap kugantungkan lagi di awan sana.

sudah tak perlu lagi pencarian kilas balik sebuah memori, lalu masa yang pernah ada.

“kubuang” sebuah kata terlalu frontal, “kulepas” saja mimpi-mimpi maya maupun harap cinta di situ saat ku di sana, pernah saja kuharap nyata.

sudah. memang perlu sudahi saja.

sudah. lelah.
telah. kusampai saja di dunia nyata.
detik-detik diam ku sudah berjalan.
baik. sudahi saja ini.
dan bukan lagi sejenak kata kiasan, “kusudah”.
dan biarkan namun biarlah.
kali ini. sudah.

The Clarity

The light in the corner of the eyes.
Washed away from tears.
Healed by the blinding sorrows.

Walls were breaking from the other side.
The sound of cages been unlocking.
The prisoner then laid down to rest.
The birds stayed.

We’ve seen the darkness, we’ve seen the sun.
We need not anything, we need ’em no more.
The freedom’s found within.
The freedom’s found within.



When I find you,
Everything was made bright and new.
I’ve never thought of a day in the sun.
Yeah, for surely I’ve never thought of one.
Arrived, no longer I run.
Was too long thrived, now finally fine.
Gain the things which never crosses mind.
Pain exist none, love as the finest wine.
For the blessings I’m still counting.
For the joy I’m gonna sharing.
For the thanksgiving I’ll keep bringing.
You’ve given me a new meaning.
Now life’s so worth living.
Such mercy,
You’ve given me.
From ashes to beauty,
You’ve turned it all around so completely.
In such troubled times,
You taught me to be tough.
Read all the signs,
It’s over now and I can’t thank you enough.
Oh, I’m grateful for your love.
It truly feels too much, it truly is.
And for all the best I can finally be.
For I was blind, now I can see.
Was in captivity, now I’m set free.
In all my life, it’s all nothing but Your Grace.
If I look back, all I see is Your lovely trace.
There are millions of Your such lovely beings.
Puzzled still, of why You even bother to see me?
Once was a loser, now thru You I can win.
Once was a sinner, but now I’m forgiven.
Let all can see Your Name’s written,
In all my story.
So, these are songs of my soul, hope You will listen,
Along with this simple poetry.
It’s all of me, it’s all of You.
And again thank You.
This is from me, this is to You.

(Written By Yoan 22:43, April 4th 2013)

All is Vain

“In my life, I’m no longer a child and I yearn… For the truth that you know. Of the years… years ago!” (Song: In My Life – LES MISERABLES)

The arrows can’t be missed.

Right on the spot of the sorrows’ tip.

All the broken clocks,

Suddenly awaken.

And it’s ticking.

“You will learn Truth is given by God. To us all. In our time… In our turn.” (Song: In My Life – LES MISERABLES)


The story of a female.

Go tell that tale!

Where all the ribbons cut well.

When all the broken dreams are left on sale.


Who am I kidding? No one buys it anyway.

No one would care to even stare.


I give up.

No more reason to fight.

Let them cheer up.

And I’ve just recieved my sight.


“My soul belongs to God, I know I made that bargain long ago. He gave me hope, when hope was gone. He gave me strength to journey on.” (Song: Who Am I? – LES MISERABLES)


The loosening of the silver chain.

And It is true all along.

Without Him… All is vain.